The Viking Road interchange on Iowa Route 58 in Black Hawk County--a federally funded project. Photo by Bettina Fabos is used with permission.

Federal funding for transportation, determined by the 2020 Census, helps ensure that we can fully fund Black Hawk County’s road regulation and infrastructure, such as the new Viking Road interchange. We also plan public transportation routes and services from Census data. The more accurate our count is, the more likely we’ll be able to obtain adequate funding.

The list of federal grants our Black Hawk County relies upon for keeping our roads safe and fully functioning is:

Department of Transportation (DOT):

Highway Planning and Construction

Federal Transit Formula Grants

Federal Transit Capital Investment Grants

Capital Assistance Program for Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities

Formula Grants for Rural Areas

State and Community Highway Safety Grant Program

National Motor Carrier Safety

Federal Transit Metropolitan Planning Grants

Job Access Reverse Commute

Click here for a complete list of federal programs informed by Census counts.

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