For the first time in history, you can fill out the Census ONLINE .

In mid-March, look for an invitation from the Census Bureau to “self-respond” to the 2020 Census online. You can also call in your answers by phone. Towards the end of this self-response phase (mid-April), anyone who has not filled out the Census online or by phone will receive paper forms with prompts to fill them out and mail them in. Responding should take less time than it takes to finish your morning coffee.

Door Knocking is for anyone who doesn’t fill out the Census online or by mail.

By mid-May, if your household has still not completed the Census, the Census Bureau will send a “door knocker” to your home to conduct non-response follow-ups for your household. If you have a door knocker come to your house or apartment, please answer the door and be kind to your Census taker.

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