Dry Run Creek in Black Hawk County. Photo by Bettina Fabos is used with permission.

We want clean streams, rivers, and lakes, toxin-free soil, responsible waste management throughout Black Hawk County, and a means for restoring, conserving, managing and enhancing wild birds and mammals and their habitat. The Census determines funds for all of these environmental programs, as well as programs towards hunter education, and the preservation of historic sites.

For example, the Black Hawk County Conservation Board is responsible for about 8,200 acres in 37 areas, including riverways, wetlands, wildlife reserves, camping areas and bike trails, geologic sites, and nature centers.

The Environmental Health Program offers free private well water testing and all sorts of monitoring supplies related to wells to ensure safe drinking water for all rural residents in Black Hawk County.

Our County needs funds from these programs, which are all based on Census data in 2020:

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund Program

Nonpoint Source Implementation Grants

State Public Water System Supervision

Beach Monitoring and Notification Program Implementation Grants

State Clean Diesel Grant Program

State Underground Water Source Protection

Water Pollution Control State, Interstate, and Tribal Program Support

Hazardous Waste Management State Program Support

Department of Interior (DOI):

Wildlife Restoration

State Wildlife Grants

National Fire Plan -Wildland Urban Interface Community Fire Assistance

Hunter Education and Safety Program

Historic Preservation Fund Grants-in-Aid

Click here for a complete list of federal programs informed by Census counts.

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