The Complete Count Committee (CCC) is comprised of government and community leaders from education, business, healthcare, and other community organizations. We work together to promote and encourage higher Census response rates through a locally based outreach and awareness campaign  by using local knowledge, influence, and resources.

Our work is crucial for creating awareness in communities all across Black Hawk County.We are not alone: please see CCC communities visualized across the U.S.

We are actively working to educate our community about the Census! Here is some general advice taken from the 2018 CCC Press kit :

• Hold  CCC kickoff meetings with media briefings.

• Participate in Census rallies or parades.

• Coordinate Census unity youth forums.

• Host Interfaith breakfasts and weekend events.

• Encourage the use of Statistics in Schools classroom resources.

• Incorporate census information in newsletters, social media posts, podcasts, mailings, and websites.

• Help recruit census workers when jobs become available.

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