Government subcommittee —Assists in all activities between the Census Bureau and the local government, such as participation in decennial geography programs and identifying other resources for CCC activities.

Brian Schoon, Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments (INRCOG)
Lisa Ahern, Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments (INRCOG)
Mike Schares – Mayor of Dunkerton
Kristi Lundy – Mayor of Elk Run Heights
Troy Beatty – Mayor of Evansdale
Mark Thome – Mayor of Gilbertville
George Wessel – Mayor of Hudson
David Neil – Mayor of La Porte City
Gary Vick – Mayor of Raymond
Eric Giddens – 30th District State Senator
Bob Kressig – 59th District State Representative
Dave Williams – 60th State Representative
Rob Green – Mayor of Cedar Falls
Jacque Danielsen – City Clerk for Cedar Falls
Cory Hines – City of Cedar Falls
Sheila Steffen – City Clerk for Dunkerton
Julie Eastman – City Clerk for Elk Run Heights
Deanne Kobliska – City Clerk for Evansdale
Teresa Admanson – City Clerk for Gilbertville
Jean Etringer – Deputy City Clerk for Gilbertville
Chrissi Wiersma – City Clerk for Hudson
Jane Whittlesey – City Clerk for La Porte City
Nancy Miebach – City Clerk for Raymond
Bill Dotzler – 31st District State Senator
Timi Brown-Powers – 61st District State Representative
Ras Smith – 62nd District State Representative
Quentin Hart – Mayor of Waterloo
Tom Little – Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors
Chris Schwartz – Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors
Craig White – Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors
Linda Laylin – Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors
Dan Trelka – Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors
Koleen Schipper – Black Hawk County Central Point of Coordination
Kelly Felchle – City Clerk for Waterloo
Aric Schroeder – City Planner for Waterloo
John Dornoff – City Planner of Waterloo

Education subcommittee —Facilitates census awareness for local schools from prekindergarten through twelfth grade, as well as post-secondary education institutions (University of Northern Iowa, Hawkeye Community College, and Allen College, Iowa State Extension and Outreach ). May also encourage school administrators, teachers, and students to use Statistics in Schools materials.

Andy Pattee – Cedar Falls Community Schools
Jim Stanton – Dunkerton Community Schools
Diane Roberts – Union Community Schools
Kyrie Borsay – Waterloo Community Schools
Tara Thomas – Waterloo Community Schools
Nancy Henderson – Hawkeye Community College
Jean Wiesley – Assistant Director of Residence/Administrative Services, University of Northern Iowa
Andrew Conrad – University of Northern Iowa
Michelle Smith – Iowa State Extension and Outreach

Faith-based subcommittee —Creates and coordinates activities and materials that can be used by any local faith-based institution in the promotion of the 2020 Census awareness and participation.

Shirley Greer – Eastside Ministerial Alliance
Ken Stecher – Faith Based
Luigi Ruh – Faith Based
Rachel Cekorich – Lutheran Services in Iowa Christine Blunt – Lutheran Services in Iowa

Community-based organizations subcommittee —Collaborates with community organizations to inform individuals of the importance of participating in the 2020 Census and the benefits derived from census data.

Kaye Englin – Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa
Nafissa Cisse Egbuonye – Black Hawk County Health Department Director
Yolanda Williams – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa
Vicki Hendershot – Black Hawk County Department of Human Services
Lorie Glover – Black Hawk County Emergency Management
Grace Kelly – Boys & Girls Club of the Cedar Valley
Sheila Baird – Cedar Valley United Way
Mallory Goodman – Family & Children’s Council
Chris Sparks – EPI
Amanda Goodman – Family & Children’s Council
Steve Tisue – Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa
Soo Greiman – Guernsey Foundation
Halkeno Tura – Health Program Director Embarc
Karin Rowe – House of Hope
Nivia Reyes Rodriguez – Lulac
Latanya Graves – NAACP of Waterloo
Grag Zars – NEI3A
Barb Prather – Northeast Iowa Foodbank
Alisha Rulaphaugh – Northeast Iowa Food Bank
Clarissa Nicholson – Operation Threshold
Barbara Grant – Operation Threshold
Shelli Panicucci – Otto Schoitz Foundation
Al Ausili – Peoples Clinic
Gina Hiler – Resources for Human Development
Lisa Lorenzen – Resources of Human Development
Grace Fee – Salvation Army
Michelle Temeyer – Waterloo Community Foundation
Abraham Funchess – Waterloo Human Rights Commission

Business subcommittee —Creates and coordinates activities that involve businesses in census awareness, such as distribution of census information and census messages on packaging (grocery bags) and the inclusion of the census logo and message on sales promotion materials.

Carol Lilly – Cedar Falls Community Main Street
Dan Goetz – Cedar Falls Utilities
Tim Andera – Associate Planner
Beth Knipp – Black Hawk County Gaming Association
Seth Hyberger – Black Hawk County Zoning Administrator
Steve Brustkern – Black Hawk Economic Development, Inc
Cary Darrah – Grow Cedar Valley
Mark LIttle – Met Transit Authority
Cara Miller – Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area
Rudy Jones – Waterloo Community Development

Media Subcommittee : Facilitates ways to get the census message to all community households, using all available sources such as local newspapers, newsletters, fliers, local festivals,billboards, social media, radio, and television .

Mike Whittlesey – The Progress Review
Tim Jamison – Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
Jessica Rucker – Waterloo Main Street Director
Chris Kemp – Peoples Health Clinic

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